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The company that makes the world worthwhile behind the scenes.

Iron is cold, but it makes a framework of the warm world.
Chemistry seems distant, but it increase the quality of our lives.
DAEJOO·KC that makes the world worthwhile behind the scenes based on the steel and chemical is preparing for the new future in the spirit of challenge and innovation.

<About US>
DAEJOO·KC that is started as ‘DAEJOO Development Corporation’ in 1988 expanded the business based on the production and construction of steel structure In 2001, took a public enterprise Korea Petrochemical Industry over and made a fresh start as ‘KC’, and has stood up as a specialized company for aluminum hydroxide through management innovation of high-strength.
From automobile parts which is new growth power to state-of-the-art material for future industry DAEJOO·KC that promotes the benefits of people’s lives and have been the foundation for economic development of a nation has been reborn as the world’s leading company.
KC that produces basic fine chemical products of heavy and chemical industries has localized aluminum hydroxide that was imported entirely and provides it for treatment of water service and sewerage and raw materials of detergents for household.
In particular, Boehmite and Superfine that requires the production of ultra-high technology are an essential raw material for PCB in electrical and electronic equipment and the cable flame retardant, and that is produced by only a few companies in the world and exported to parts of the world such as Japan, China, USA, France, Germany, Italy, and so on beyond the domestic market.
Based on the manufacturing technology of aluminum hydroxide of KC, Korea Alumina produces 'special alumina' which is the basic raw material of ceramic and semiconductor industry and has been the driving force of industrial development of the Republic of Korea.
Also, by making a joint investment on that is a specialized company for high purity alumina, the company is constantly challenging in the development of the most advanced new materials that will lead the future industry.
DAEJOO·KC enriches our real life. DAEJOO ENT is a domestic top manufacturing enterprise for double heating pipe and produces integral ‘double heating pipe’ using hard polyurethan foam that has the best thermokeeping of insulation. In particular, 'steam pipe typed double heating pipe' is underground pipelines and it has excellent insulating effect and fast construction time and it is a state-of-the-art heat pipe system with excellent stability and high customer satisfaction. DAEJOO ENT that has been building a coherent system from design to production, installation and A/S for submarine tunnel for the first time in Korea provides the best technology and the best service and has grown into a professional energy saving enterprise.
On the other hand, the elevator division of DAEJOO ENT is a specialized company in elevator parts equipped with the nation's largest and newest guide rails processing equipments. Based on laser-based techniques, it is produced by the nation's only high-precision quality management system, and provides the products to major elevator manufacturing companies in domestic and foreign countries. In addition, we focus on investment of technical development for the next generation high-rise high-speed elevator guide rail.
The technology of DAEJOO·KC also is hiding in 'Automobile' which is a profitable export item of the Republic of Korea. DAEJOO Kores develops the aluminum of light material for the core material of automobile for the first time in Korea and realizes the weight lightening of automobile and leads eco-friendly car industry by reducing the exhaust gas. To aluminum melting, extrusion, and processing we have a batch manufacturing system only in the domestic and supply the aluminum bumper and sunroof for Hyundai, Kia Auto. From body parts of ultraright car to electronic components for communication, various construction, and parts of industrial equipments... DAEJOO Kores is running always one step ahead.
As a professional supplier of automotive parts that produces internal and external components of console and car which are core in car interior parts, the primary supplier of Hyundai Kia Automobile DAEWON Mold produces parts for popular models of the K series, All new Carnival, Avante, etc. and has been working with the automotive industry in Republic of Korea.
DAEJOO·KC established Kamko Motors which is a car sales company in Southeast Asia as well as Korea and conducts sales of Hyundai automobiles and provides stable A/S parts service that is differentiated with local companies. Kamko Motors is an automobile manufacturing, sales and service company of Cambodia's first and only DKD method and holds a car assembly plant in the size of 6,000 cars per year, and is expanding sales of commercial specially equipped vehicles to meet a variety of customer demands.
STS division of DAEJOO Heavy Industry is a manufacturing company of stainless pipe and exporting a pipe for car muffler to domestic automobile makers and many countries overseas.
In addition, a marine pipe that is applied in eco-friendly water line as well as chemical transportation line pipe, we produce the stainless pipe for gas line that is necessary for the construction of state-of-the-art semiconductor plant and supply to major semiconductor companies. DAEYEON International that processes and produces hot rolling products for automobile, for structure, etc. processes and produces various kinds of hot rolling products and through continuous investment on technology we do our best to upgrade the quality.
The steel structure division that puts customer satisfaction top value built 284m height of skyscraper, Yeouido IFC mall, and dome of Hyudai-Steel Co. for the first time in Korea and has successfully conducted various projects from the production of steel structures to installation and recognized for outstanding technology in overseas markets as well as in the country.
The excellent production technique of steel structure accumulated like this leads to the construction field.
KD General Construction leads the future-oriented architectural culture though eco-friendly construction methods and the human focused urban development.
DAEJOO·KC is operating their own logistics division and arrange the latest unloading facilities and professional staff at the major ports in the country, and provides the best logistics service.
Especially, with servicing of the 'Arirang' it is possible for logistics services to connect the land and the sea and quick and precise international logistics transport.
DAEJOO·KC is operating an aggressive global management system to respond to the rapidly changing global economic system. Trade division supports the steady growth and development by strengthening the imports and exports of raw materials and expanding to the broader international market.
In Shenyang Guwol, China we provide and supply the double insulation pipe In Yancheng, China we supply the automotive products to a local Hyundai Kia factory. For foreign plant market advance in Southeast Asia and the Middle East a local corporation in Vietnam and office in Dubai.. for the import and export of steel and chemical products a branch office in Shanghai, China is operated through ongoing localization strategy we are widening the activity area on the world stage.
DAEJOO·KC is not satisfied with their present position and invests in a better future. Through a training institute to train technical personnel and technology development a central institute discovering a business of new growth power will open new era and a bigger future of DAEJOO·KC. The growth of DAEJOO·KC creates more jobs in the Republic of Korea and creates a healthy industry environment.
we aim for a beautiful society to help the underprivileged people around and live together.

DAEJOO·KC is close to you.
We are making more value to the world you to be happy.
A global leader company that does not chase only the profits of the enterprise and pursuits social contribution and shared growth. DAEJOO·KC will with one heart of 'harmony' and 'unity' for a brighter future of the Republic of Korea.